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My Program Generator™ is the next generation in fitness training and specifically designed to provide optimised personal training programs, race planning and real performance tracking for Runners, Swimmers, Cyclists, Duathletes, Aquathletes and Triathletes.

MPG's Vision is to keep endurance athletes in the "sweet spot", where training stress is perfectly matched with physiological adaptation. MPG™ is unique in that it offers individual and personalized programs that will help you to "Optimise every workout" and experience the myriad of benefits it offers:


Since your body is constantly in a state of flux, you are very seldom in the same physiological state and your training program should mirror this phenomenon. MPG helps you achieve this goal with the result that your training is always fresh and has so much variation built in to it that the exact same workouts are seldom repeated.

The MPG™ system has been designed from over a decade of research, development and experimentation by specialists. It's built around analysis of the individual athlete's performance and uses this information to prescribe precise training efforts and speeds.

Latest News

Great results from our athletes that participated at the following events this past few weekends:


  • Perfect Weather welcomed the MPG crew in Durban this weekend for the third edition of the 70.3 Durban. Over 65 athletes raced and did really well. Well done to all proud finishers! Michael Tucker also represented MPG at the 70.3 Luxembourg

  • Another cracker of a weekend for the MPG Team around the world with people racing in Challenge Samorin in Slovakia, Victoria 70.3 in Canada and Comrades Marathon in SA. Well done to all and special mention to Jason Booij with his 3rd overall in his age group! you guys rock!

  • Well done to our boys racing at IM Brazil this past weekend. Mark Pellew with a Age Grouper World Record time of 8h:34m, Andrew Botha with a fantastic time of 9h:21m and a kona slot, Nic Champan with a phenomenal time of 9h:13m and a Kona Slot and Guy Baranyay with a time of 10h:35m and all time PB!

  • Great Race for Justin Roberts (one of our athletes from Dubai) at 70.3 Barcelona, smashing his PB by just over 30m! Also well done to those that finished the OxPecker trail run and the Nissan Trailsekkers Bundu Bash

  • Congratulations to all finishers at the Sun City Sprint and Ultra Triathlons this weekend. Well done to our head coach Freddy Lampret, Mark Pellew, Andrew Botha, Nic Chapman, Kim Heger, Kerry-Ellis, Chris Vosloo and Tracy Dennis on their podium finishes, you guys rock.

  • Another great weekend of racing at the Trinity Duathlon and Triathlon races at Germiston Lake.

  • Well done to Eonora, Anthea and Kim on their races at half and full marathon in Benoni with special mention to Eonora with her Marathon PB!

  • Congratulations to all athletes that raced the Two Oceans half marathon and ultra marathon with fantastic weather in Cape Town.

  • What a weekend Ironman African Champs was. we had over 50 ahtletes racing at different levels and most achieved their goals and did very well. Ironman never goes according to plan so those that didn't, please dont despair, remember why you do it in the first place. Well done to Mark Pellew, Kim Heger and Sonia Ballard for their 3rd places at their respective age groups. We also won the Division IV Triclub award again! it was great to have two of our german resident athletes Michael and Renata racing with us as well!

  • Well done to our three international athletes Carlos, Alvaro and Andrea on finishing their first Marathon at Rome. you guys made us proud!

  • Great Racing at Om die Dam half and ultra marathon, the West Coast Warm water as well as the Olympic distance SA Champs on the weekend. Congratulations to all that raced and got a PB.

  • Results



Jason Wilford

I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever put a Long Distance World Champs top 10 (in the most competitive category) on my Tri CV

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Towards the end of 2015 I believed that I had hit a plateau in my triathlon career, I had achieved some really awesome things – podiums, national selections for both short and long distance Tri and even raced a decent world champs in Chicago coming in the top half of my field. My performance, however, reached a static level and all I was doing was training really hard to maintain the same speed and times. My initial opinion of MPG was that it created somewhat generic programs probably with high volumes and I was not really interested in looking into it any further. The shift came at this year’s Ironman, where I delivered what for me was a decent 11-hour finish, but a really defining moment of the race was when a long-time female friend and MPG athlete ran me down and passed me on the last lap of the run. I knew she had only been active in the sport for 2 odd years and all that time with MPG and she had just ran past me as strong as any athlete I have seen in the last lap of a full IM. I later watched her and other MPG athletes, both podium and collect their Kona entries and at the same time realized how many of the top athletes whom I respect and aspire to be as good as, had joined MPG and were training on the program.

Obviously I was missing something and although still skeptical I decided to sign up. I almost immediately saw a difference, I wasn’t actually training any harder and to my amazement I wasn’t training any longer either. After 15 years of competitive endurance sport I was able to very quickly realize the genius in what Freddy Lampret had created and how this was going to fundamentally change me as an athlete. The individual specificity that the program gave me in my training, based on my key indicators in each discipline was incredible, providing me with not only very precise training parameters but the confidence in knowing I was achieving exactly what I was supposed to in the time I had available. As a company MD with a family who is also very competitive, time is as with anyone in my position the most valuable resource I have and with MPG I knew I wasn’t wasting any of it. The constant re-assessment allows an athlete to always be training at a level that will make him or her improve without taking them too far or too hard, which nearly always results in injury.

Barely into the program I delivered a Top 10 at the Durban 70.3 which was raced without my strongest discipline, the swim, this was not only my best 70.3 result but the first race where I felt I had complete control of my race strategy and pacing as MPG had provided me with the exact parameters within which to race. It was at around this point that I decided I really wanted to use my experience and the amazing MPG tool to help other athletes to achieve all their goals and more. So after going through an extremely intensive and physiologically detailed training course with Freddy and managing to pass his stringent tests, I became a coach and MPG guide. I am currently providing the MPG experience and benefits to over 30 athletes of varying levels and enjoying every minute.

I followed Durban up with my best 5150 result, a 2nd place at 5150 Bela-Bela including a course PB and Standard distance run PB. However, my biggest achievement in Tri thanks to MPG was to come at the ITU long distance world champs in Oklahoma, where I managed to achieve a 9th place, top ten finish. I never in my wildest dreams thought I would ever put a LD world champs top 10 (in the most competitive category) on my Tri CV. I will continue to train and coach on MPG as long as I am able and I am very grateful I decided to put them to the test and ultimately join the team.


Tony Lederle

I have improved significantly in all three disciplines and constantly do personal bests at less effort and less pain than in the past

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I have now been part of the MPG team for 6 months with coach Sam Harrington as my coach.

The process, communication and support has been exceptional, but what has really impressed me is my progress.

I have improved significantly in all three disciplines and constantly do personal bests at less effort and less pain than in the past.

My training time is less but more intense, so easier to fit in.

Can’t wait for the next full Ironman!

optimised training program

Steven Greenspan

Lost 40kg and completed his first Ironman in 2016

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The scientific and personalised MPG program has optimised each and every workout I do, which has resulted in a substantial increase in my race performance

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MPG is designed for runners, swimmers, cyclists and triathletes. MPG accurately determines where your fitness is at and then gives you the optimal training program that keeps adapting as you adapt.

It is scientifically accurate, affordable and it will guarantee that you improve your performance as fast and as safe as possible. It is without doubt the best value for money coaching solution available, anywhere in the World.

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